How to dress up when you are a Plus size woman

Being a plus sized woman doesn’t mean that you can’t wear nice clothes and looked amazing. There are a number of women who seem to have plus size, but they dress very well. The thing is one should own her body and let go of stereotype beauty ideology. Whether you are size zero or plus size, the thing matters are that your taste, little know-how about wardrobe choices and lastly confidence to pull anything off. Here we have some great tips for you on how to dress up when you are a plus size woman.

  • Know what suits on your body: The color, designs, and patterns of clothes all draw people’s attention to ourselves. One should be careful to collect wardrobe accessories that can be used on multiple occasions. Suppose, the dark color hides things and light color highlights, so use them wisely. Like you are wearing a dark colored dress, so put on a light-colored belt to your waist to balance your body looks. Wear dark pants or bottoms and go with the bold light and pale colored top.
  • Choose the prints carefully:Big patterns or designing make you look bigger while small prints can make you look small. Although a lot of plus size clothes are difficult to buy in this era but there are a few websites where you can buy plus size clothing wholesale. Avoid wearing dresses that are printed with large flowers or designs, instead of them, choose the ones with small printing or designing. Also, this also depends on how beautiful is this print because it can be tricky sometimes. Just try them on before you make the final decision.
  • Horizontal stripes: Although the common perception is to not wear horizontal stripes on plus-sized women, but it is not entirely true. Just like prints, horizontal stripes enhance the look of a certain area. Usually, go with the vertical or diagonal stripes but if in case you have a nice top, try it on if it looks good, just go with it.
  • Ruffles: A plus size woman should avoid ruffles in any areas where she wants to look smaller. But you can wear them on cuffs as they look good on arms rather than the other body parts of a plus size woman.
  • Wear ruched fabric around waist: For those plus-sized women, who want to go on the beach and look good, they should opt for ruched or gathered fabric to wear. Like in a swimsuit, the gathered fabric will be around your waistline and keep it hidden while the plain fabric could expose you.
  • Embellishments: for all the embellished clothes, you need to try them on because any sort of embellishment could draw attention towards yourself.
  • See what colors look good on you: every plus size woman can be a different from another one. People have different skin tone, different plus size shapes and bodies so try the color which lifts up your personality.