Learn Some Safe and Easy Ways to Clean Your Pearl Jewelry

Cultured pearls are soft when compared with other precious metals and gemstones. To enjoy its everlasting shine and beauty, you need to put regular effort on your part. We have listed some of the safe ways that you must perform to keep your pearls looking always new and beautiful.

Keep it away from acids

Your pearl jewelry can come in contact with acids in any form, like cosmetics, hair sprays, soaps, shampoos, perfume etc. all of them contains harmful chemicals. Exposure to these chemicals for a longer period of time can dull the shine of your pearl.

Even acids that are contained in the perspiration and body oils can work towards damaging the luster of it. Therefore, the best strategy to keep your pearl safe and protected from any harm is to put them on after performing makeup, hair spray and perfume. To know more safe ways to clean your pearl jewellery, you need to go to this site.

You must wipe your pearl jewellery with the help of a soft cloth once you wear them. Also, as pearls need moisture, pat on them using a damp cloth at regular intervals of time (once in every few days). Doing these tasks will preserve the luster of your valuable pearl pieces for extended period of time.

Protect it from hard objects

Pearls are very delicate pieces of objects. Getting a slight touch of any hard surface of metal or any gemstone can cause scratch on its surface. It is thus important to keep them wrapped carefully in soft cloth or put in a cotton layered jewelry box.

Restring your pearl necklace

If you wear pearls many times a week, then it is possible that it may get knots in it. In such a case, instead of re-stringing this delicate pearl jewellery piece on your own, you need to take it to a jeweler for re-stringing purpose. Doing this will also avoid any possibilities of breakage in the necklace strand.


Pearls are one of the most precious jewelries available in the market. To keep them looking at its best, you must implement all the above safe cleaning habits.